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Connected health technology has been critical to changing how health care is being delivered. Without a doubt, the digital experience has adapted tremendously and has led to better patient engagement and business development.

The pace of change was forced to accelerate over the past year. IT leaders and business owners found themselves with unexpected challenges – supporting a remote workforce, solving for a new customer experience or addressing supply chain issues – and it was up to these leaders to adapt quickly for the good of their organization. Many entities that were constrained by legacy technologies found it difficult to pivot and change operations.


This on demand panel discussion features women CEO leaders changing the face of the digital health care industry, and how they are uniquely innovating for the future of how we operate in the path forward.


Meet Our Experts:
Carina Edwards - CEO of Quil
Kate Othus - President & Founder of DataDX
Shannon Hulbert - CEO of Opus Interactive

How else is technology transforming the industry?

What best practices can be learned?

How does security come into play?

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